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Awesome product! Way better than the DuPont system that I've had (wouldn't even fill a coffee pot). This RO produces at least twice as much water than my in-law's $2,000 name brand system!–Mr. Kowalczky

I recently purchased the K6ALK and have completed installation. Of anything I have ever installed, your step by step directions were the best. Thank You!!–B. Hokins

Nice unit, convenient to see the resin. I bought the combo with attached RO/DI for reef tank. I have had it running 2 years with 3 replacement resins. Moved it 3 times as well. So a bit of abuse to the unit but it held up, until Just today one of the endc–Lanz Van Beurden

I would like to offer my greatest THANK YOU to Oscar for teaching me how to take care of a leak that developed in the tubing of my RO system while I was attempting to change the filters. His caring, knowledge and guidance enabled me to have a dry cabinet!–Janice Goldonowicz

I have purchased from this company for years now on my 3rd system - this is the only place I would shop for R.O. Systems and supplies - fast delivery - outstanding products - fantastic customer support–Doug Reifschneider

I just serviced the filters in our Reverse Osmosis filtration system. When we got serious about being healthy the water was the first thing we improved. With RO water I drink at least four times the amount as regular well water. Your water has to be filte–Dennis Koyle