I have been their loyal customer for about 10 years now.   I am very impressed with their customer service and the fact that their products are very inexpensive and of good quality.  It is rare to find this combination in today's technology advanced, overly crowded online market place.  Yeah, I could find similar products at cheaper price.  I admit I actually tried once long ago, but those turned out very low quality, wear out faster, damaged my membrane, and poor customer service to take care of problems.   At the end I still came back to KoolerMax for support.  Over the course of 10 years, WaterGeneral and KoolerMax always keep their prices affordable and maintain their quality level.  I talked with couple of their long term employees, the owner really believes in building long term relationships with customers and not just one time transaction type of thing.

My first system was the WaterGeneral RO585 bought in 2005, have been replacing the annual filters and maintence kit as instructed.  The cost is only about $34 to $54 a year.  Every three years, had to replace the membrane filter along with the standard annual filters.  That filter is more expensive than annual filters but if I average it out, it's less than $20 a year.  It's still a lot more convenient than buying bottle waters from the store and transportnig them home.   Last year, our tank finally decided to quit its job.  Instead of buying a new tank, we just decided to get a new system KoolerMax K6ALK, following the new trend.   This was a great move.  We like the new system.  The new design looks cool and installation was seemless.   Can not be happier with this company.   I have personally recommended all my friends to try their products.