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Save the money and get even cleaner fluids with products from Filter Direct. The Sediment Filters included with our high-efficient RO systems remove contaminants left behind from municipal or well filtration processes. Plus, in the long run, this investment costs less and is more effective than bottled products. Our reverse osmosis home systems are so efficient and economical to maintain, you'll never again be without safe, great-tasting fluids. In conjuction with the RO water systems, a water booster pump is used to help increase the input water pressure to help the system produce water. We also have a water filter faucet to fit your kitchen to add style with your new RO water system.

For even broader protection, whole house water filters are also available for large-scale filtering. One installed on the main incoming pipe will filter everything coming into the home. You may even be surprised how affordable these systems can be, especially when stacked up against bottled liquids and other products. You can buy one durable unit that will provide filtering for the entire household for years to come.

FilterDirect also has products to help you care for your fish. Our aquarium RO filters are perfect for fish owners who are concerned about heavy metals in their tap supply that can damage the delicate balance of a marine microhabitat. We encourage you to get to know more about how our filtration systems work, as well as the practical applications of each. And, if you're still unsure what direction to take in your own water purification quest, contact us.


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