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Specialty Filters

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  1. 226, Replacement Shower Filter
  2. 671C, Replacement UV lamp for 609C (16 Watt)
  3. 673, Replacement UV lamp for 602 (6 Watts)
  4. AUC-0604 Union Connector 3/8 to 1/4" OD, Quick Connect
  5. Conversion Kit, Convert Aquarium to Drinking RO Water System
  6. DI210, Heavy-duty, DI system for Aquarium and Reef
  7. FK-BB10K3, Special Big Blue Filter Pack Bundle for WH1030 WH-103
  8. FK-BB20M3, Special Big Blue Filter Pack Bundle for WH350 WH-350
  9. KoolerMax Optional 225UP 6th stage Inline Alkaline filter upgrade kit (media included)
  10. SC207, Color Changing DI Filter for DI-210
  11. SC208, Iron Lead and Heavy Metal Removal Filter
  12. 209
  13. SC227, Refillable Color Changing DI Filter 20" inch Tall
  14. SC412, Water Softening Filter Calcium Magnesium Hardness Removal
  15. SC435, Arsenic Fluoride Removal Filter
  16. SC445, Specialty Filter ALK SPECIAL ALKALINE FILTER
  17. SC725, Chloramines / Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Filter
  18. Special, Output Conversion Kit Convert from 1/4" to 3/8"
  19. Special, Single Stage Housing Bracket Shell Connection Kit
  20. UC SHELL, Honeywell UC7000 Empty System Only No Filter

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