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  1. 1st stage sediment filter SF05 (replace every 6-12 months)
  2. 2nd Stage Solid Carbon Block Filter C10 (replace every 12 month)
  3. 3rd stage Special High Efficiency Membrane Filter HTFC-150 (replace every 2-3 years)
  4. 4th Stage Color Changing DI Filter SC207 for AR-104H
  5. 4th stage Optional Refill bag #818 DI Resin Refill Bag
  6. 733, Built-in Pressure Gauge 0 to 150 psi for Koolermax RO system
  7. KM701, Special Koolermax Filter Housing Canister Casing 1/4 FPT
  8. KM701C, Special Koolermax Filter Housing Canister Casing 1/4 FPT Clear Color
  9. MK300, Maintenance kit for AR-104H
  10. Optional: Filter Housing Wrench Case Opener 566 KoolerMax Systems
  11. Optional: Membrane Filter Housing Wrench Opener 564
  12. Optional: Wrench 2 pcs 566 Standard Filter Housing Opener Double Better
  13. Parts, Ro Water System Installation Parts Bag Fitting Valve Adapter Wrench Tubing Value Pack

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