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1070, PAE LARGE RO Storage Pressure Tank 14 GALLON 14G Bladder Container


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1070, PAE LARGE RO Storage Pressure Tank 14 GALLON 14G Bladder Container


10-14 Gallon Pressure Tank for Drinking Water or Aquarium Use,
fits all RO systems and RO+DI systems

(Note: Outside volume is 14 gallon and internally it holds about 10 gallons
of water under input pressure of 60 psi)

Part no.: TK-1070 (big tank)

(NOTE:  The tank is big, it will not fit under the sink.)

Condition: Brand New

Dimension of the tank : 15.25" diameter and the height is 23" with stand, 
1/4" NPT inlet connection


for Aquarium

  • Add a tank for easy top-off.  For example, if your fish tank and the RO+DI unit is far apart where direct connection is not available, you can add a tank to your RO+DI unit.  It takes about 4 to 5 hours to fill up the tank, then you can take the tank and connect it to the sump of your fish tank.  Also connect a float valve (FV-14 or FV-15) to the setup.  So as the water evaporates, the water level drops, then the float valve opens up, then the water from the pressure tank supplies the water, and then the float valve closes.  After 7 gallons of water in the tank is depleted, you need to refill it again.
  • Even if you have a direct connection between the RO+DI unit and your fish tank, adding a tank to the setup would reduce the unnecessary turning on/off of your RO+DI unit.

for Drinking: (larger volume usage for restaurant, coffee shops, food processing)

  • If your tank is loosing capacity, and it is not able to be recharged. Or if it is dirty, then you can consider replacing a new tank
  • Replace larger tanks to triple the amount of water you can dispense at one time
  • Connect to icemaker or refrigerator
  • Since the tank may be too big to put under the sink, you may need to put it in the basement, garage, or other locations.


A pressure tank is used in RO systems to accumulate water and provide pressure when dispensing the purified water. It has a water bladder inside the tank that holds the purified water, and outside the bladder it contains compressed air. So when you dispense water, the compressed air squeezes the bladder and forces the water out with pressure. You can also connect several tanks together to provide more water.


White color, outside volume 14 gallons, inside bladder holds 10 gallons @ 60 psi input pressure

Dimension: 15.25" diameter, 23" height with stand, 1" FPT inlet connection  

Material: Outside is steel, inside is a FDA approved food grade bladder. Stainless steel connection on top. Purified water only comes in contact with bladder and the stainless steel connector on top.

What's included:

  • White pressure tank
  • Plastic tank ball valve, connects to 3/8" tubing or 1/4" tubing (please specify)
  • Plastic reducer to reduce from 1" FPT to 1/4"MPT
  • Pre-charged at 5 to 7 psi air pressure

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