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Replacement Filters & Housings

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  1. Optional: Filter Housing Wrench Case Opener 566 KoolerMax Systems
  2. KoolerMax 1st stage sediment filter SF05 (replace every 6-12 months)
  3. Optional: Membrane Filter Housing Wrench Opener 564
  4. KoolerMax 5th stage inline carbon postfilter IC21 (replace every year)
  5. KoolerMax 2nd Stage Solid Carbon Block Filter C10 (replace every 12 month)
  6. KoolerMax 3rd Stage Solid Carbon Block Filter C10 (replace every 12 month)
  7. KoolerMax 5th or 6th Stage Refillable clear inline DI filter 215 (Color Change)
  8. 818, DI Resin Refill Bag 18oz (good for three refills)
  9. MK800, Maintenance kit for AR122, AR125, HK120
  10. Annual Filter Kit Koolermax Series KPAK-4 Sediment Carbon Block
  11. KoolerMax Optional 225UP 6th stage Inline Alkaline filter upgrade kit (media included)
  12. KoolerMax 4th stage TFC-150 US membrane filter M150 (replace every 2-3 years), p/n 3150

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