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285, SED2005BB, Big Blue 5 micron 20" Sediment Filter WH25 WH250 WH2201


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285, SED2005BB, Big Blue 5 micron 20" Sediment Filter WH25 WH250 WH2201


* 285, SED2005BB, Big Blue 5 micron sediment filter

* Replacement filter for Watergeneral WH-25, WH-250, and WH-2201 (big 20" filters) 

* Material: The chemical and bacterial resistance of the PE polyester media makes these filters suitable for potable water, well water, and light industrial applications.

* Dimension: 4.5" x 20"

* Recommend changing every 12 months* These are standard size filters.  They also fit Ametek Big Blue housing, and other brands of standard high flow housings. 


  • Removes sediment, dirt, rust, chlorine, odor, and bad taste
  • Reduces cloudy water caused by sediment
  • Reduces wear on expensive faucets
  • Reduces iron stains caused by suspended iron
  • Reduces staining in sinks, toilets and showers
  • Reduces plugged faucet aerators
  • Ideal for homes, farms, wells, pets, gardening, restaurants, fresh water aquariums,  spa, and pretreatment for RO systems





1st stage 5 micron sediment filter

removes sediment, rust, sand, and dirt. 4.25 inch diameter x 20 inch height

Overall flow rate: approximation

15 gallons per minute, depends on pressure

Capacity:  approximation

carbon filter: approximately 40,000 to 50,000 gallons depends on water condition (change every 6-12 months depends on water condition)

Pressure drop:

3-6 psi approximately

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