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RO / DI Water Systems

Deionization units work by passing liquids through resins to remove undesirable gasses, solids and other impurities from the supply. This is an extremely simplified explanation of how RO / DI water systems and aquarium RO filters work, but you'll be more interested in knowing the result of the process. Each provides pure water on demand. Equipment such as the reverse osmosis/deionization purifier or the UV light water treatment system are great solutions to purify water. These systems are for the average household user who wishes to boost the purity and taste of the supply and for fish owners that want to circulate the aquarium water and kill algae.


UV Light Water Treatment System

Homeowners who are interested in Earth-friendly purification are discovering the benefits of ultraviolet light. A UV light water treatment system uses a germicidal ultraviolet lamp focused on the water source to kill germs, bacteria and other microbial contaminants before they end up in a drinking glass. We especially recommend using the UV system if you are using well water with the RO system. It is best if you have the UV system installed prior to pumping any water through reverse osmosis home systems. Ultraviolet rays are an environmentally safe way to disinfect the household supply and eliminate a number of contaminants:

      * Bacterium - salmonella, dysentery, staphylococcus, streptococcus

      * Molds - penicillum

      * Yeast

      * Viruses - hepatitis, influenza, rotavirus

      * Algaes

Some of these contaminants may be different from ones that would be handled by RO / DI water systems. Discuss your needs for RO / DI water systems or UV purification with a Filter Direct representative. Our professionals can help you sort out which unit is most effective for your situation.