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Model: K6150ALK-Pump  Reverse Osmosis + Alkaline filter + Booster Pump water purification system


About the system


Alkaline drinking water:  We have designed this system for people who desires Alkaline drinking water for its health benefits.  First the Reverse Osmosis system purify the water, then at Alkaline stage, traces of Calcium CA+ and Magnesium Mg+  minerals are added to the water to make the water’s pH level 8.5 range.  Then the water is going though 6th stage coconut shell activated carbon to improve the taste of water.


Built-in Booster Pump: This system is designed for low water supply, such as well water.  If your water supply pressure is below 45 psi, please consider this system with built-in booster pump.  The pump set includes pump, transformer, pressure switch and solenoid valve.  The pump turns on and off automatically.  When the system starts, it will boost the water supply pressure to 60 to 80 psi and start fill up the storage tank.  When the tank is full or reaches 50 psi output pressure, the pump would turn off and solenoid valve will turn off the water supply.  When you start using water and the output pressure drops to 35 psi, then pressure switch would turn on the pump and solenoid valve, so the system start making water to fill the tank again.  We also installed a low-pressure switch at stage 1 to sense the input water pressure.  If the water supply is not turn on or less than 5 psi, then the pump and water will not turn on, so it’s not running dry.


Reverse Osmosis process is a separation process.  Tap water enters the system, and it is separated at the 4th stage membrane filter.  One side would go to the storage tank (purified water); the other side carrying all the minerals is purged to the drain.  The ratio of purified water to drain water is about 1 to 2.5.  That means for every gallon of water you use, it will drain 2.5 gallons.  The drain is required for the RO process to work.  If the drain is intentionally shut off, all the minerals will be accumulated inside the membrane, and it would permanently damage the membrane filter.

All Reverse Osmosis units require purging of water when it’s producing water.


Production rate:  The system uses a 150 GPD (gallons per day) RO membrane.  The actual production rate will depend on water input pressure, temperature, and water chemistry.  At optimal condition the membrane will make 150 GPD, but on average, it would make about 130 to 140 gallons per day, or about 5 gallons per hour.


Drain rate:  The drain rate of the system is set at 800 mL/min. using a flow restrictor.  If the input water supply is very hard (> 17 grains) or the TDS reading is above 700 ppm, it would be advantageous to add an optional manual flush valve to periodically flush the membrane filter for 5 minutes every 4 weeks to get better rejection and prolong the life of the membrane filter.


Optional pressure adjustment valve:  We can install a needle valve at the pump to adjust the boost pressure of the pump, so the water pressure does not go higher than 80 psi.




Koolermax 6- Stage Dual outputs Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems with Built-in Booster Pump

Model no:   K6150P

Capacity:    Generates 140 to 150 gallons per day depends on water temperature, pressure, chemistry variations)


System includes

  • RO unit:  6-stage unit, all filters included.
  • Pump set:  Automatic operation, including booster pump, transformer, solenoid valve, and pressure switch.
  • Storage Tank:  Pressurized tank with pre-charge pressure of5 to 7psi.,  powder coated steel construction with Food Grade butyl water bladder. NSF listed
  • Water Dispensing Faucet:  lead-free, long reach goose neck type, polish chrome finish.
  • Hardware:  feed water adapter, feed water valve, drain saddle clamp, tank valve, and tubing.
  • Installation & Service manual


System Requirements

  • Water supply pressure:  Input water supply should be 8+ psi.  If water supply is from a open tank, 0 psi, we would need to modify the system, please let us know before you purchase.
  • Working temperature:  100 ~ 40 deg. F  ( 37C ~ 4 deg. C )
  • pH range:  4-10
  • If feed water has hardness level above 800 ppm, we recommend putting a water softener prior to the RO system.
  • If feed water has iron, rust problem, we recommend putting a iron filter prior to the RO system.
  • If feed water has bacteria problem, we recommend putting an ultraviolet sterilizing system prior to RO system. Part # 602


Filter Service Life

  • 1st Stage Sediment filter:  Recommend changing every 6 ~12 months.                              Replacement filter Part no.  SF05
  • 2nd Stage Carbon block filter: Recommend changing every 6 ~12 months.                             Replacement filter Part no.  C10
  •  3rd Stage Carbon block filter:  Recommend changing every 6 ~12 months.                             Replacement filter Part no.  C10
  • 4th Stage TFC membrane:  Recommend changing every 2~3 years.                               Replacement filter Part no.  M150
  • 5th Stage Inline Alkaline filter: Recommend changing every 12 months                             Replacement filter Part no.  225
  • 6th Stage Inline carbon filter:  Recommend changing every 6 ~12 months.                             Replacement filter Part no.  IC21



  • RO unit:              Length  15 inch,  Width  7  inch,  Height  17 inch
  • Storage tank:      Diameter  10.5  inch,   Height 15 inch, holds 3 gallons
  • Faucet:                9 ½ inch above counter top



  • 1 years Limited Warranty on parts, components.  Filters are not under warranty.



  • Average Rejection rate:  92 to 98% of dissolved solids after RO stage, but after alkaline stage mineral content is increased
  • Final pH level achieve:   pH 8.5 range.  If you want higher pH at 9.5 range, please notify us prior to purchase.


Purification Processes/ Filter specifications

Removes microbiological contaminants like Cysts (protozoan), inorganic/Radiological contaminants like Barium, Cadmium, Copper, Chromium (hexvavalent), Chromim (trivalent), Fluoride, Lead, Radium 226/228, Selenium, etc.

Ammonia, Arsenic, chloramines, chlorine, copper, lead, nitrate, phosphate, silica, hardness, calcium, magnesium, other dissolved solids.


  • 1st stage:  5 micron sediment filter, 3”. x 9 7/8”  height, made by 100% pure polypropylene fibers
  • 2nd & 3rd stage: carbon filter, 3” x 9 ¾” height, composed of high-performance coconut shell carbon.
  • 4th stage:  TFC type membrane, 150 GPD, 1 ¾” x 11 ¾” long
  • 5th stage:  Inline Alkaline filter: 2” x 10” Calcium minerals and Magnesium minerals
  • 6th stage:  Inline carbon filter (polishing filter, improves taste):  2” x 10”

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