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Sediment Filters

You could save the money you would have spent on bottled liquids and get even cleaner fluids with products from FilterDirect. The sediment filters and carbon water filters included with our high-efficient reverse osmosis systems remove nearly all of the contaminants that are left behind from municipal or well filtration systems. In the long run, this investment costs less and is more effective than bottled products.

For more information on whole house water filters and other types of filter systems, please send us an email on our "contact us" page.

Drinking Water Filters

Better Option: Drinking Water Filters

There are three primary types of bottled waters shoppers encounter in the supermarket aisles: natural mineral, spring and purified. The natural mineral variety contains natural minerals and generally comes from underground sources that are protected from outside contaminants such as pollution; however, since these waters are not disinfected, the can still harbor microflora. Spring water is nearly the same, except it does not contain the minerals. Finally, there's the purified variety, which is pumped from surface and underground sources and then treated with purifiers and drinking water filters. It's basically the same process municipalities use to purify their sources, and consequently, the end product is the same: no better, no worse - just more expensive.




Sediment Filters

Bottle vs. Tap

Round and round the debate goes: tap vs. bottled drinking water. Filters do an amazing job of eliminating contaminants from the ground- and springwater. And yet, people still flock to buy the bottled variety by the dozens. Concerned parents and health advocates scoop it up en masse, believing that there's a mysterious, magical process the bottlers use to purify it that is unattainable to mere mortals. Little do they know, the bottlers most often use the same types of RO membranes, sediment filters, and carbon water filters, many homeowners are using to purify their tap source. The only real important difference is the end price.