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Whole House Water Filters

Tap-based filtration and bottled liquids have soared in popularity in recent years as people strive to keep hydrated in a way that is convenient and fits in with their busy lifestyles. These are inexpensive options; however, you may be surprised how affordable whole house water filters and other drinking water and sediment filters can be, especially when stacked up against multiple tap filtering products, bottled liquids and other products. Why buy separate filtration equipment such as filtering pitchers, aquarium RO filters, etc. for multiple sources? You can buy one product that will provide filtering for the entire household.

Whole House Systems

Healthy Reverse Osmosis Home Systems

We're acutely aware of how important adequate amounts of liquid are to overall good health. In fact, the drive for healthy H2O is the driving force behind the dramatic increase in filtering products such as reverse osmosis home systems like the 5 stage RO system. About 70 percent of the adult body and 80 percent of the infant body is composed of fluid, so it only makes sense to replenish fluids with clean, pure liquids. FilterDirect is happy to help clarify which filtration or filtered products are worth the investment (whole house water filters) and ones that are more hype than healthy (bottled waters). We'll clear up how our filtration products and equipment can improve household safety and health without breaking the family budget.

Good Pressure: Water Booster Pump

Many homeowners fear that purchasing a new filtration system might reduce the amount of water pressure that comes out of the faucet. In fact, the opposite is true. Each of the RO systems come with water booster pump to make sure every time you turn on the faucet you will be getting the same water pressure you would without the filtration system in place. You'll stay cleaner, and help save the environment.


Aquarium RO Filters Protect Pets

In addition to home and business filtering products, we also specialize in aquatic products. Our aquarium RO filters efficiently remove contaminants from fish tanks for the health of your pets. Plus, the clean, clear tank makes a much more attractive addition to your decor.


Whether your water needs include multiple reverse osmosis home systems to protect the family or a single aquarium UV sterilizer for the goldfish, FilterDirect has every type of filtration equipment desirable. Plus, we're stocked with plastic pipe fittings and other odds and ends the do-it-yourselfer in the house needs to finish any project. From the commercial water booster pump, UV light water treatment system, to the residential filter, it's all here.