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Shower Water Filter Solves Problems

Shower Water Filter

Shower water filter systems are another way to improve the quality of water in your bathroom. This cartridge unit has a massage shower head and has a replaceable filter to remove chlorine and other substances for up to a year or more, depending on the rate of household usage. If you need to replace the filter, all you have to do is unscrew the filter cartridge and insert a new replacement filter for a continued use of higher quality water.



Whole House Water Filters

Use Whole House Water Filters  

For even better water, you should also use whole house water filters in conjunction with the shower water filter. Our WH-25 whole house 5 micron sediment filtration removes sediment, rust, sand and dirt from your water supply. This way your entire house is getting only clear, clean water. If you have noticed that your drinking or bathing water has a bad odor or taste or maybe smells like a pool, the WH-20 and WH-250 are good investments. The WH-20 whole house carbon filtration removes chlorine, odor and bad taste.

To go a step further, purchase the WH-250 which is a combination of the WH-20 and WH-25. This system comes complete with a 5 micron pleated polypropylene filter, steel mounting bracket and a filter housing wrench so you have everything necessary to get started.